Floral Wedding Decorations for Home Wedding Singapore

Floral Wedding Decorations for Home Wedding Singapore

Who doesn't love home wedding receptions?

Home is where the heart is. So, it really makes sense for your wedding day to be held in the space where you and your spouse are going to grow in.

As the best wedding florists in Singapore, we'll ensure your dream wedding comes true, whether you have a huge bungalow or an HDB flat.


We can turn any place into a memorable wedding venue that reflects your love story!

Personalised Decorations

Want to welcome your wedding guests with a floral arch at your doorway? Looking to transform your pool into a private oasis?

No matter your preferences, we collaborate closely with you so you can celebrate your big day just how you want to.


Hassle-free Wedding Planning

Overwhelmed with the constantly changing prevailing national guidelines and safe management measures when booking external venues?

Make things a little simpler for you or your wedding planners with an intimate home solemnisation where you call the shots!

No Hidden Costs Involved

Bucket Full of Roses works with your wedding budget to make your wedding decoration ideas come to life.

We only want to make you happy during these key moments of your life, so don't worry about factoring in extra wedding costs!


Portfolio: Luxurious Poolside Solemnisation At Home

We love a home wedding; what more a residence with a beautiful pool?

We created a floral installation right by the pool, where they held their wedding solemnisation ceremony at. To make the floral decor stand out, bright pops of lush pastel flowers were utilised.

Poolside Pastels






 Just look at how beautifully the pinks and peaches stand out against the cool blue background of our client's bungalow pool!













Transformation for the Tea Ceremony

Their living area, where the tea ceremony was held, was also transformed into a flower haven!

We created a lush floral installation surrounding the sofa with beautiful roses, hydrangeas, lilies, baby's breath and more.








Ready to Transform Your Home for Your Wedding Day?

Have specific for your wedding's florals, but you don't know how to make them a reality? Then, Bucket Full Of Roses has just what you need.

Our team has years of experience arranging for many weddings with various themes, from large-scale hotel ballroom venues to outdoor field venues.

Whether you're looking for fresh bridal bouquets, a theme idea to match your wedding cake or even wedding car decorations, we can help with all of that and so much more!

So trust us to help make your dream wedding come true, regardless of what theme you choose to incorporate on your big day.

Want to create the unique wedding you've been dreaming about?

Contact us now, and we will give you a quotation that is 100% based on your individual taste.