Flower Arrangement Classes in Singapore

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to learn floristry skills suited for any occasion!

Have you ever wanted to show your thanks to someone with your very own creations?
Flowers are a gorgeous and heartfelt way to express love and care without saying anything.
Buying a floral arrangement can work, but making flower arrangements with your own floristry know-how is better.
Be your very own florist with our floral arrangement courses and workshops!
Our wish is to grow a flower-loving community in Singapore.
Whether you're a hobbyist, bride-to-be or even a seasoned practitioner, we want you to join us for floral jamming fun!
Our flower arrangement classes will equip you with all the needed knowledge to create a perfect gift for Mother's Day or that someone special.
But who says that flowers can only be gifted?
Learn how to make beautiful floral arrangements to decorate your home with.
Imagine the satisfaction of working on a vase centrepiece that you can personalise as often as you want!
Perhaps you've always been curious about how Bucket Full of Roses puts a floral arrangement together?
Join one of our flower arrangement classes to learn the techniques, designs and skills we've picked up from being in the Singapore florist trade.
Stay updated for future floral arrangement classes that will teach you how to design table arrangements, hand bouquets and more!
  • Learn how to choose complementary flowers and foliage for your floral arrangement.
  • Apply bouquet design techniques to your very own flower bouquet creations.
  • Find out how to incorporate everyday materials to make your floral designs pop.
  • Florists' tips and tricks for buying and caring for flowers!
  • and more!
Attending our flower arrangement classes also allows you to meet like-minded florists in Singapore.
Bond over flowers and learning new skills when you join Bucket Full of Roses's flower arrangement classes in Singapore.
So if you're looking to create your own flower arrangements that will wow your loved ones, keep a lookout for our workshops!

Beginner Toolkit for Flower Arrangement Class Singapore

Floral Starter Toolkit

Come equipped to any flower arrangement class with Bucket Full of Roses's Floral Starter Toolkit!
Our workshop session-ready toolkit has all the basic materials needed for students learning flower design.
Here are some of our favourite florists' items to help you get started in floristry:
  • Floral Scissors
  • Thorn Strippers
  • Florist Gloves
  • Coated Chicken Wire
  • Colour Wheel


Our wish is to grow a flower loving community! Whether you're a hobbyist, bride-to-be or even a seasoned practitioner, we want you to join us for floral fun!

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