Immortalise Your Ritz Carlton Wedding Singapore with BFOR

Immortalise Your Ritz Carlton Wedding Singapore with BFOR

In our years of experience as wedding decor specialists, we have seen how easy it is for wedding themes to go overboard.

Thus, when the bride wanted something pastel, soft, and romantic in the prestigious wedding venue of Ritz Carlton Singapore, we knew we had to plan the execution carefully.

The plan? Choose just the right combination of flower decor and styling that will not only complement the venue but will also stay timeless through the years.

Here's how we designed this romantic pastel Ritz Carlton wedding.


Setting the vibe with a romantic grand ballroom entrance






Taking advantage of the spacious and long foyer of the ballroom, we created a statement double-panelled backdrop to set the tone of the wedding.

Aside from setting the first impression when the guests enter, it also makes for an excellent backdrop for photos and making toasts and speeches.












To further set the romantic elegance vibe, we lined 2m wide white carpeting with tall and short floral clusters at the grand ballroom's entrance.


Lighting up the grand aisle way with a soft glow

one bedroom millenia suite

champagne with a glass fountain for toasting

We used LED candles with the blooms to create a soft warm glow to welcome guests to the grand aisle way.


Immersing your guests in your love story






We lined up the couple's beautifully taken pre-wed photos to immerse guests in their love story.

Placing the photo gallery strategically next to the registration table, guests could admire the photos during the reception.


Achieve an elegant and timeless wedding with Bucket Full of Roses

floral arrangements

Most of making a wedding celebration memorable is curating the space to create the right atmosphere, mood, and ambience.

This means choosing the right lighting, decor, and floral arrangement and taking time to keep a harmonious balance to all these components.

As wedding decoration specialists at BFOR, we recognise that there's no one way of achieving this.

Thus, we offer personalised floral decorations that reflect your love story and are based on your vision of the dream wedding, not cookie-cutter wedding decorations you see everywhere.

Rest assured, no matter the request, we will make it happen.

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