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Floral Wedding Decorations to Transport
You to Your Dream Romantic Wedding

You've already picked out your wedding venue, and you've got the wedding theme in mind.

Unique and magical... You want wedding decorations that will reflect your love story and a day for your family and friends to remember for life.

Sure, your venue may provide flower decorations.

However, their styling services are too generic. They don't have wedding decorations that stand out to you. Their wedding products are pretty standard but not really anything that people would be wow-ed by. Their wedding prop rentals have limited range and, honestly, something you would’ve seen in some other wedding you attended.
Is this really the decoration you want for your ideal wedding?

Bucket Full of Roses is the Singapore wedding decoration specialists you've been searching for.

Do you want to be transported to your dreamy romantic wedding?
We are ready to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure you get the dream wedding celebration you deserve.

Bucket Full of Roses wedding decor will elevate your wedding venue with one-of-a-kind wedding styling that's sure to make your wedding even more memorable.
Our wedding florists want everything to go perfectly at your wedding, and we're prepared to go above and beyond to achieve the results you want.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter wedding decorations - go for the wedding styling that is a truly reflection of your love story.

Elevate your wedding venue with Bucket Full of Roses wedding decor.


Imagine you're walking down the aisle. Your bridesmaids line the stage, holding bouquets that complement your bridal bouquet.
It completes the whimsical look you're going for and makes photos for the entire bridal party look cohesive and intentional.

With your closest friends taking part in the wedding theme, it really feels like you've been transported to the fantasy wedding you've been dreaming of.

Shop Singapore bridesmaid bouquets now to complete your modern yet classic wedding.
Women shouldn't be the only ones looking appropriate for a wedding with bouquets!
The men are just as important on this special occasion. Whether it’s your Father or your groomsmen, surely they'll want something to reflect the love of the happy couple!

We make groomsmen and family boutonnieres for this very reason.

And if the handsome groom wants a unique boutonniere: we can craft one that matches your bridal bouquet!

United in love with the flowers to show for it.
Your guests will appreciate being truly a part of your wedding with immersive wedding decoration styling like our table centrepieces and runners.
They are suitable for various places: the dining tables, the reception table, even a photo table if you have one.

If you're going for classy, we've got floral centrepieces. If you're thinking about a rustic wedding design, we do foliaged table runners too!
Every photo they take will be a beautiful wedding memory forever captured.

Each time you and your guests look at the photos, you'll be briefly transported to that beautiful moment in time again.

Contact us now for wedding decorations that will set your wedding apart from the rest in Singapore!
Looking for more versatile wedding designs?
We offer customised floral garlands too!

These garlands are fantastic for any use around your wedding venue.

However, they're especially useful for small spaces as they are easy to carry and rearrange.

You can just let us know your request regarding the flowers, theme and colour palette you're going for. But, of course, we'd be even more excited if you have special ideas for your wedding styling!

Rest assured, no matter the request; we guarantee to make it happen for your special event.
Maybe you think hand bouquets are a little troublesome during a day as hectic as your wedding.

Our team makes wrist corsages as an alternative. They're as pretty as a bouquet but smaller and more practical.

At Bucket Full of Roses, we believe that every little detail contributes to achieving the results of your dream wedding. So not one part will be left out from our attentive care.
Start and end your weddings in style with our floral wedding decoration!

Why limit the magic to just your wedding ceremony? Let everyone in Singapore know it's your big day!

Decorate your wedding car and bridal car with your wedding flowers to bring the romantics with you on your new journey in life!


The once-in-a-lifetime moment of union between bride and groom should have wedding decoration that celebrates the solemnity of marriage.

Bucket Full of Roses is your reliable wedding vendor that knows how to make even the most serious moment dreamy with our floral wedding decoration.
A perfect pairing to your solemnization table centrepiece!

Your couple chairs are practically the thrones of the bride and groom.

Don't you think you deserve a throne that fulfils the ultimate romantic wedding you've always wanted?

Our couple chair wedding decoration will do just that.
Be the glowing bride you've always wanted to be with march-in aisle flowers. Whether they’re little posies tied to the pews or ground floral hedges that transform the aisle into the meadow as you march in.
The loveliest vision of you will greet your husband-to-be as you walk down the aisle.

With the help of our floral wedding designs, all eyes will be on you.

Stage Décor

The stage decor is the main feature of your whole wedding.

It is also the prime aspect of the wedding that our team pays the most attention to. Flower structures on stage are in the center of attention. This is one of the most eye-catching features at a wedding, which is why we specialise in it to ensure that you and your guests get the most photogenic shots with ease!

Everything has led to this moment, so stop and smell the flowers with beautiful wedding styling suited for the stage!

Floral Wedding Decoration Installation

There are only so many wedding venues available in Singapore. After a while, the wedding decoration starts to look the same too.

Don't you want to turn a little slice of Singapore into your ideal wedding venue, even if only for one day?

Make heads turn and spruce up the venue by doing custom floral installation work!

These wedding services are site-specific and highly personalised, ensuring that no one wedding will be the same.

Wedding Arch

A statement wedding arch makes the perfect Instagram-worthy backdrop for your guests.

Your fairytale wedding will be told far and wide with our services, and you will be complimented in every tagged photo.

With our dedicated help, your wedding will surely be one to be remembered for life.

Floral arches and standalone structures can be customised as well! They work well for solemnization ceremonies too, not just your banquet wedding.

These are just some ideas for you! Got ideas for decoration that aren't mentioned here?

Contact us now to request a customised plan so we can bring your dream wedding to reality.

Wedding Decorations for
Past Weddings Singapore

Our wedding decorations are the key to achieving your dream wedding.

Romantic but nothing too traditional.
Modern yet timeless.
Organic but not too wild.

Sounds like your dream wedding flowers? We design weddings by blending in natural lush blooms with your quirks, tailoring every wedding to
each couple - just as how every love story is unique! Bring a little wow into your romantics and a day you and your guests can remember for life!
But don't just take our word for it.

Check out our wedding portfolio content to see the results we've provided for previous weddings!

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