Elegant Botanics @ VUE

Elegant Botanics @ VUE

When couples ask for venue recommendations that have a good view of Singapore's skyline, we always recommend VUE. It's perfect for intimate weddings and is beautiful either in the day or night. 

Our featured couple here wanted a timeless wedding - classy but not over the top. Her preferred color palette may be simple White and Green, but we knew not to give her something too feminine or garden-ish. 





We opted for low dish flower centerpieces for her guest tables because we didn't want to intrude in their intimate space, especially when the tables aren't particular big to begin with. The style of arrangement was simple, minimal yet classy - focusing on a few key flower ingredients with little textures to soften the piece. The low arrangements also help guests to communicate with ease without having flowers that obstructs or prohibits conversations across table.





As for the VIP table, we wanted to add a little more drama and attention. After all, they are the couple''s most important people! We added height by placing tall glass centerpieces above head level so that conversations can still flow. The style of arrangement was also more organic and foliage heavy. In between the tall centerpieces, we added little loose flowers in bud vases to also add detail to soften the whole look.












For their solemnization ceremony, we created a floral arch that framed the iconic MBS building and skyline. Keeping in line with the theme, the arch was also created in an organic and foliage heavy style of arrangement.


Solemnization Aisle Chair Posy Flower
For the reception foyer, we created a little welcome area to greet their guests. Dome shape gold metal floor standing stands with large print-outs of their prewedding photoshoot.