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Fulfil your dream wedding vision with Bucket Full of Roses floral wedding arch

A wedding arch is the one thing you should definitely splurge on.
Think about it: it’s where everyone gathers around to witness your solemnization. Group photographs will be taken against this backdrop. It will be the
one thing that will appear heavily in photos. It is the focal point of the ceremony that will definitely call attention to everyone around.
But you don't want the wrong kind of perception: gaudy, or worse - a wedding theme that looks like every other wedding around Singapore (or a
wedding you attended before?).
You deserve better than that.
Turn any familiar Singapore venue into something magical to experience the romantic and beautiful ceremony you've always dreamed of.
We can't wait to work with you to craft this once in a lifetime wedding experience!
Bucket Full of Roses is the florist to go to for your floral wedding arch and backdrop styling needs.
We bring style, sophistication and elegance to your wedding day with bespoke floral arrangements that is truly a reflection of your love story.
Contact us now for a beautiful wedding arch that transports you to your dream wedding.

Singapore Wedding Floral Arch

Create priceless memories with an immersive focal point at your wedding venue!
Don't waste your money on wedding rental products that most people have seen. (Or a wedding you’ve attended before?)
Our wedding floral arches are completely customised based on you and your partner.
Bucket Full of Roses work with couples to create a unique and customised backdrop that totally changes the wedding venue into a reflection of their love.
We pride ourselves on our expertise in incorporating venue elements into a wedding arch, thus granting you a truly memorable wedding ceremony that
can't be replicated by anyone else.
Celebrate your marriage with versatile wedding arrangements that suit any of your backdrop needs.

A wedding arch is great as a backdrop for anything, really:
  • Wedding Stage Decor
  • Reception Area
  • Solemnization backdrop
And these are just our recommendations! We're positive you have more ideas for us.
After all, it's your dream wedding. Our flowers take you there.
Don't wait any longer!
Contact us now for more details about our exquisite floral wedding arch arrangements.

Wedding Arch Florists Singapore

We use only the freshest seasonal blooms to craft your bespoke wedding arch.
To create your ideal wedding arch, Bucket Full of Roses will need to know
  • Your wedding theme
  • Your preference for the colour palette and flowers (if any)
Of course, feel free to let us know about all your design ideas and inspiration!
But if you're feeling a little lost in your search, here are some recommendations from us:

Something old...

Bring your guests along into your fairytale romance with a classic wedding arch!
You can't go wrong with classic elements in a wedding arch.
Romance, tradition and style form into a graceful wedding arch that serves as your perfect wedding backdrop.
Contact us now to customise a classic wedding arch!

Something new...

Bring new life into a familiar venue with a modern themed wedding arch.
Say your vows with wedding arch options that exude trendiness yet still elegant and classic.
Our florists are constantly up to date with all the latest styles in the wedding industry to create organic and effortless wedding arch options for you.
Fill in our form now for a sleek wedding arch to achieve your modern wedding fantasy!

Something borrowed...

We borrow the elements of a venue as we craft your wedding backdrop.
Take a look at one of our favourite backdrops, which blended a classic floral wedding theme with the geometry of a function room in Gardens By The Bay, Singapore.
The room had a wonderfully picturesque view of the Singapore Central Business District skyline, which served as a dynamic backdrop that reflected the couple's roots.
Thus, we incorporated the final wedding arch into the architectural structure of the venue for the main backdrop of the wedding ceremony.
Book an appointment with us now to create one-of-a-kind backdrops for your wedding services!

Something blue.

Bucket Full of Roses can bring any of your colour palette ideas to life for your personalised wedding arch.
Take a look at this vibrant blue and yellow wedding arch that welcomes guests at the front of the venue.
Go creative and different with beautiful colour palettes that will wow your guests forever!

Wedding Flowers from Past Weddings Singapore

Our flowers and arrangements are the keys to achieving your dream classic and romantic wedding.
Romantic but nothing too traditional.
Modern yet timeless.
Organic but not too wild.
Sounds like your dream wedding flowers? We design weddings by blending in natural lush blooms with your quirks, tailoring every wedding to
each couple - just as how every love story is unique! Bring a little wow into your romantics and a day you and your guests can remember for life!
But don't just take our word for it.

Check out our wedding portfolio to see our flower arrangements and creations that we've done for previous couples!
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