Bring the Outdoors into Your Cookhouse Dempsey Wedding

Bring the Outdoors into Your Cookhouse Dempsey Wedding

Many couples have grand ideas that may seem impossible to execute.

And this particular wedding sure seemed like one of them.

The challenge? Bring in the lush greens of nature inside the colonial architecture.

Now, if that seems like such a big task, it is. So it's a good thing we like challenges here at BFOR.

See how our wedding decor expertise fared in designing this Dempsey Cookhouse wedding.


Making the most of Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar


The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar is a beautiful venue nestled in the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill.

The colonial interiors and the high ceilings are incredibly charming and make for a perfect backdrop for weddings, but what if we can also bring the outdoors in?


Choosing which greeneries to incorporate





It's easy to get lost in the woods, or more accurately, the greens, when choosing which plants to work into the decor.

The key is mimicking natural foliage to create the effect of the outside and inside melding into one.


Upping the wilderness factor



To create the perfect statement backdrop for the couple to give speeches and toasts, we had ferns trailing down and incorporated willow trees to achieve the billowy effect.

We also put organic and lush bushes on the lower ground to tie the entire look together.

We picked flower ingredients with soft, fluttery elements to exude a more romantic wildness.


Making the experience more immersive






Part of what makes any wedding great is its ability to get you at the moment.

Thus, to create a seamless guest experience, we made sure not to miss out on other parts of the venue so guests can feel like they are actually dining in the wild.


Dining to your heart's content
















To achieve an intimate wedding dinner experience, we styled the tables with romantic tapered candles and centrepieces that mimic the fluttery wilderness.

For long table settings, we used minimal decor such as elongated rectangular vases so it would not take too much of the table space and keep it from becoming uncomfortable for guests.

For the round tables, we kept to round vases so that guests on all sides could appreciate the view.


Putting a personality into your wedding day



Your wedding day is a time to celebrate your love story, so it has to contain both something of you and your significant other.

For this wedding, most of the guests flew in from overseas, so, along with thoughtful gifts, a 'Find-My-Seat' backdrop with customized luggage tags was placed at the restaurant entrance to welcome the guests.









We'll deliver the wedding of your dreams

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At BFOR, we let you take on the reins—after all, it is your wedding day.

No need for fixed wedding packages; we use everything at our disposal to make your wedding decor goals come true, from using only fresh flowers to leveraging the best lighting of the venue.

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