Contemporary Minimalist Min Jiang Dempsey Wedding

Contemporary Minimalist Min Jiang Dempsey Wedding

If we were to predict upcoming wedding trends, Contemporary Minimalist would be top on our list. Think clean lines, artful shapes, minimalist yet elegant, sophisticated and modern at the same time.

Minjiang, the second independent restaurant fully managed off-site by Goodwood Park Hotel, was the couple's lovely venue choice.

Housed in a stylish black and white colonial building at Dempsey Hill, it features a timber-decked alfresco, a main dining area and private dining rooms.

Featuring contemporary Sichuan and Cantonese fare, the restaurant boasts delicious house specialties, including authentic Beijing Duck prepared according to an ancient Chinese recipe, exquisitely prepared dim sums and roast meats.

Building off the elegant aesthetic, our bride was certain she wanted an all-white contemporary minimalist theme to complement yet stand out amidst the unique location.


All White for the Wedding Day

The tricky thing about an all-white setup is that it may get washed out in photos if we do not pay attention to the smaller details and textures.

For the focal backdrop piece, we wanted to create a statement by fabricating multi-tiered panels.

They may look all-white to you, but different shades of white paint were used for the different panels in order to have subtle contrast. 








50 Shades of White Flowers

Salina's favourite flower was the White Phalaenopsis, so we were sure to incorporate them. We also used fresh Garden Roses, Rose Lily and Bougainvilleas to have different textures and shades of white.









More Monotone Minimalist Wedding Decorations

Keeping to the minimalist and monotonal theme, we created an art exhibition-like photo gallery for their artistically taken pre-wedding photos.

We are in love with black-and-white photos! Don't you think they give off a more artful vibe?

For the reception table, we spared no detail.

We utilised natural stone slabs to juxtapose against the chrome table with clear acrylic photo frames to keep the lines clean.

Their white angbao box was set amidst tastefully placed white flowers and minimal, delicate luscious greens.











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