Geometry Meets Romance: Rustic Green-White Wedding Décor @ Gardens By The Bay Singapore

Geometry Meets Romance: Rustic Green-White Wedding Décor @ Gardens By The Bay Singapore

There are a few momentous occasions we look forward to in life and getting married is one of these. Most couples want to make their wedding unforgettable as it is the celebration of their love, the marker of their commitment to the person they will share their lives with. It's the starting line of that life together. And this couple achieved just that.

Classy, Modern Wedding

This article’s featured wedding made the words “better together” sound promising.

The couple wanted a classic indoor garden theme for their wedding which was held in a function room in the prestigious Gardens By The Bay, Singapore. Geometric elements were dominant in the venue’s architectural structure, so blending that with the above mentioned wedding theme was a challenge for the team – one we were eager to take on.

The bride wanted to do a backdrop for their wedding ceremony. However, after seeing that the room was overlooking Singapore’s Central Business District and had a wonderfully picturesque view of its skyline, we advised her against covering it. Instead, we suggested we take advantage of the edifice’s architectural structure and make that a central factor for the wedding theme.

The main color palette was green with touches of white. We did floral installations of lush green foliage and white flowers dressed with warm white fairy lights to frame the central geometric “window” where the couple would exchange vows to spruce it up.

Then we put up golden-hued cursive calligraphy of their names on the glass.

The result was a rustic-looking but exquisitely lovely backdrop. It became the perfect spot for guests to take pictures after the solemnization service.

For the couple’s pre-wedding photos (which the bride wanted to display in the venue during the event), we built a wooden frame similar in structure to a folding shoji screen.

The trifold frame and the strategically-placed slanting beams we fitted on to it (in line with the venue’s geometric structure) were in raw wood finish, dressed up with the same greens, flowers and fairy lights arrangements we did for the backdrop. The couple’s beautiful pictures were clipped to the fairy lights’ strings.

A similar green and white-hued, rustic-meets-geometry concept was applied to the stage. We built four wooden box-like frames with beams and decorated them with ferns and white flowers. The stage’s backdrop were strings of warm white fairy lights under sheer white curtains.  A cursive calligraphy of the couple’s initials was then placed at the center of the backdrop.

Even the wedding signage outside the function room where the wedding took place kept in line with the decor concept we did for the whole wedding.

All in all, we felt that this was one theme minimalists would love. The green-white color combination was eye-friendly as it wasn’t distractive but soft enough to still imbue a romantic and elegant ambiance to the whole place. The geometric construction prevalent in the venue blended well with the whole wedding theme too.

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