White & Blue Wedding @ Eaglewings Yacht Charter

White & Blue Wedding @ Eaglewings Yacht Charter

A wedding by itself is momentous and incredible! Our featured couple made their special day even more significant with an elegant sea wedding ceremony.


Blue and white flowers table arrangement


At Sentosa Cove, the guests boarded the luxurious, private Eaglewings Yacht Charter boat and were greeted by a space decked out in white and blue flower arrangements.

Little hydrangea flower posies adorned the railings with the help of midnight blue fabric. Coupled with fairy lights, the light-coloured roses and Queen Anne’s lace gave this yacht wedding such an ethereal, romantic atmosphere! 


Blue hydrangeas and roses flower posies on yacht

Blue hydrangeas and white roses posy


Complementing the solemnization table was a flower garland of lush greens, accented by white roses and thistle. After the solemnization ceremony, the garland was rearranged at the main dining table where it continued to thrive. 


Chairs with Anchored Together text

We wish the couple all the best as they set sail on their new journey, hand in hand!


Flower posies with blue fabric and fairy lights

White roses and greenery table arrangement