Kenzoki Launch @ Botanico

Kenzoki Launch @ Botanico

Featured today is Kenzo's event launch for their signature skincare line - KENZOKI. KENZOKI skincare focuses on 5 plants from Asia which made designing beautiful blooms unique to their brand theme such a delight!


White and purple flower centerpiece on dining table


Situated in Singapore Botanic Gardens, Botanico is a garden restaurant in which our flower arrangements perfectly complemented the already blooming indoor dining hall. The grey and white setting allowed our flowers of soft purple and coral hues to flourish.


Long white dining tables in restaurant with windows

Drinking glass and candles next to purple and orange flower centerpiece


KENZOKI’s signature flower is the lotus which signifies purity and self-regeneration — exactly what we would like our skincare to do! To pair with the brand’s flower, we showcased the white lotus prominently with our flower centerpieces.


White lotus, orange, purple flower centerpiece on white table

White lotus, calla lily and purple eustoma flower centerpiece


Adorning the long dining tables were our lotus and calla lily centerpieces, gently illuminated by our tea candles. Single lotus blooms and eustoma petals graced KENZOKI’s skincare displays, adding more dimension to the sets. The soft orange petals brought such radiance to the mortar and pestle display.


Kenzo picture frame and skincare items with white lotus bud on table

White mortar and pestle on marbled surface with branches


We were charmed to work with Kenzoki for a successful brand launch that enchanted the venue and all the guests!


Gold picture frame and skincare products on white tabletop

Dinnerware set up on white table and candles