Watercolor Inspired Wedding @ Changi Cove

Watercolor Inspired Wedding @ Changi Cove

During our initial wedding floral consultation with our featured couple, they shared that they were interested in flowers that would suit the venue. Having selected Changi Cove as their wedding location, we recommended a flower palette that would incorporate rustic elements. 

However, as we chatted more with the bride leading up to the wedding, we got to know that the couple was featuring the bride’s lovely watercolour designs on their wedding invitations and videos. After knowing this, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature watercolours as a focal point of our floral installations. We told the bride that we simply had to incorporate her charming designs into our work and she agreed! 


Close up of coral peony and eucalyptus with peach roses for a wedding dinner reception at Changi Cove Singapore

Taking cues from our bride’s watercolour patterns, we designed and installed 5 freestanding angular structures that displayed glorious florals in the same shades as the brilliantly coloured pigments our bride used. Having several freestanding arrangements instead of one solid piece allowed for the stage to be pleasantly occupied while still making sure that people on stage were the focal point. 


Gold structures for wedding florals with customized couple's sign on stage florals at Changi Cove hotel


Unique customizable watercolour wedding elements incorporated into wedding flowers decoration at Changi Cove Hotel Ballroom


To make the floral arrangements even more unique, we unified watercolour embellishments amidst the stage flowers. Flowers on print melded into fresh flowers with little distinction, causing great delight when guests realised the personalised combination! 


Close up of watercolour flowers at a wedding reception at Changi Cove hotel Singapore


Peach coloured wedding floral palette with customised design outside Changi Cover hotel


Inspired by the artistic direction, we decided to do something different from a feature table. Instead of showcasing the couple’s pre-wedding photography in an album, we created an art gallery-influenced area. The bare wooden wall at the ballroom was a perfect blank canvas to work on. 


Wedding photoshoot gallery display at Changi Cove ballroom with wedding florals floor display


Guests could take their time to browse the photos that were strategically placed to flow in a specific way. 


Prewedding photoshoot photos against wooden wall at Changi Cove at reception table


Sweet blue hydrangeas and champagne eustomas sat on the wooden walls, illuminated gently by the backlight. 


Wedding flowers arranged as floral wall installation consisting of baby blue delphiniums, peach roses, and ferns

We also displayed another floral arrangement to enhance the rustic feel of Changi Cove while keeping in line with the watercolour theme. We used peach roses and combined them with pops of baby blue hydrangea to create that specific look.


Sprawling floral design floor installation for wedding ceremony and wedding dinner reception with prewed photos

The wedding art gallery also featured a large coral peony that bloomed so beautifully, it looked like it came right out of a watercolour painting! 


Giant coral peony as feature flower for floral bouquet arrangement sat on a gallery inspired surface with pre-wedding photoshoot shots


All couples are unique, and we love being able to find special elements of each and every couple to incorporate into their wedding florals!