Orchid Garden @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

Orchid Garden @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

Orchids are exotic, graceful and luxurious, just like how our featured bride envisioned her wedding to be. During this wedding, we had the opportunity to work with many different types of orchids and anthuriums - two flower types that held major significance to our bride. 

Held in the heart of Orchard Road, this beautiful wedding ceremony took place at Grand Hyatt Hotel. 

Arriving at the Grand Ballroom, guests were greeted at the registration table. We made use of the welcome signage and space by arranging flowers both at ground height, and on a surface. Pampas made for an spectacular display and complemented the waist-high floral arrangement well. We featured blush cymbidium right next to the signage. 


Floral arrangement of white orchids and dusty pink roses at Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel Grand Ballroom on Orchard Road


Romantic minimalistic welcome signage for wedding ceremony decorated with orchids and pampas floral installations at Grand Hyatt Singapore


Following the tone set by the registration table florals, we shaped a cohesive design throughout the hall by extending floral installations around the ballroom’s pillars. Guests walking from the cocktail area to the dining area experienced an exquisite sight of festive anthurium and pampas, peppered with beautiful red and blush pink roses. 


Corner standing pampas, red roses, cherry lined anthurium and lush greens floral installation at Grand Ballroom Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel


Red and white anthuriums in exotic flower floor display for wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt Scotts Road Singapore


We set up a floral bar next to the ballroom’s open kitchen as a unique wedding favour idea. Guests chose from an array of blooms delicately arranged in test tubes and designed their very own petite bouquets. Many guests brought their individual wedding favours home and dried the flowers as their keepsake! 


Floral bar instead of feature table with pre wedding photoshoot photos designed with pseudo wild garden flowers for wedding favours


The couple’s pre-wedding photos were displayed within the floral bar! The floral bar also served as decoration in an otherwise vacant space. 


Flower test tube display feature table at Grand Ballroom Hyatt Hotel Orchard Road with prewedding photoshoot photos


Dreamy flowers for individual petite bouquets wedding favour with featured pre-wed photos at Grand Hyatt Singapore


On stage, all eyes were drawn to the custom acrylic signage as well as the hanging floral installation. The lush greens were a nice accompaniment to the different species of orchids in varying shades of red. White and dusty pink roses created an eye-catching cascade of colour. The red anthuriums stood out extraordinarily as a feature flower.


Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore wedding dinner ceremony with free standing floral display on stage


Featured Cymbidium orchid in floating stage floral installation for wedding solemnization and wedding dinner ceremony at Grand Hyatt Hotel


We adorned the white, multi-tiered wedding cake with white orchids and dainty dendrobiums.


Multi tiered white wedding cake decorated with dendobriums and white orchids real flowers


Together with a second free-standing floral installation on stage, we rounded off the stage decoration with an ornate ground display of ombré anthuriums, white pampas, and orchids.


Red and dusty pink flower installation on rose gold standing structures on stage at Grand Hyatt Singapore Orchard Hotel


White wedding cake decorated with orchids and white flowers above a ground display of pampas, anthurium, roses and orchids on stage at Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel

The dining tables had their own rendition of the stage flowers, encapsulated in a charming low vase. Keeping in line with the floral theme, we decorated the tables with dendrobiums and roses with an emphasis on the lovely cherry-lined white anthurium.  


Dainty table arrangement for VIP dining table at wedding dinner ceremony on pink tablecloth with blush pink colour palette and candles


Close up of clean dining table flower arrangement in petite vase at Grand Hyatt Grand Ballroom at Orchard Road

We loved how organic and unique this wedding turned out to be and were so honoured to be able to work with such delicate ornamental blooms!


Wedding signage for wedding dinner banquet Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore Orchard Road


On stage flower installations for wedding dinner banquet at Grand Ballroom Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel on Orchard Scotts Road


Flower display on wedding dinner banquet VIP table with red anthurium and unique colour palette at Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel


Feature table sitting floral display installation in front of wine display and cheese board at Grand Hyatt Grand Ballroom