Warm Elegant Andaz Hotel Singapore Wedding Lunch

Warm Elegant Andaz Hotel Singapore Wedding Lunch

We love a luncheon wedding at Andaz Hotel!

From the classic Garden Studio to the new Duo Tower, we have so many gorgeous backdrops to choose from.

Coupled with our wedding floristry skills, no two weddings will end up the same, keeping in spirit with the hotel - 'Andaz' is a Hindi word that translates into 'personal style'.

This wedding experience is set in the Glasshouse, which has a stunning glass box design that features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample sunlight to come through.

To complement that, a warm-toned colour palette was most befitting.


Crafting a Cohesive Wedding Theme





 The styling and decoration for your wedding starts from your wedding bouquet!

Personal flowers like Bridal Bouquets, Groom's Boutonnieres, Parents' Corsages, Bridal Car Flowers etc, are all extensions of your overall style and design of the entire wedding.

When the theme is consistent throughout, they make for good photos too!







Wedding Decorations that Understand Your Needs

The couple had a small solemnization ceremony prior to the wedding lunch in a separate function room within Andaz Hotel.

In order to maximize the usage of the floral decor while minimizing waste, we repurposed flowers by "unplugging" certain portions of the stage decor.

Scroll down to see if you can spot where we took these portions from!

At the ballroom entrance, we had cut-out floor stickers of the couple's name as an alternative to the traditional welcome signage.


 There is also a small pleated counter table displaying their beautifully taken pre-wed photos.






Once their guests pass through the foyer, they will be greeted to this view upon entering the banquet hall.





Creating an Aisleway that Represents the Couple's Love

The aisle is laid out with plain white carpet runners with the aim of keeping the walkway clean and highlighting the florals that were adorned on the perimeters of the aisle.

The floral arrangements were propped up on pleated pedestals and accompanied with the warm glow of LED candles. As for the stage, we created a landscape-like floral installation that is natural, organic yet lush.

Pssst, can you spot where the solemnization decor portions are at? 










Photo Credit: Kwan Yee from Happy Photo People

Make Singapore Wedding Venues Your Own with Bucket Full Of Roses!

Holding your wedding at Andaz Singapore?

Transform your wedding day with stunning floral decorations that tell your love story!

No matter what theme or colour scheme you have in mind, our team of experts can work with you to ensure that you begin the next chapter of your life on your terms.

Don't have any ideas in mind? That's okay! You can consult us, and we can help you create decorations that adds magic to the venue.

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