Classic Romance: A Yi by Jereme Leung Wedding

Classic Romance: A Yi by Jereme Leung Wedding

Not all weddings have to be in the banquet hall.

For this intimate lunch wedding, it was held at a Modern Chinese cuisine restaurant - Yi by Jereme Leung, Raffles Hotel.

藝 (yì) means art in the Chinese language, and the restaurant’s interior décor was inspired by the hidden world of deep-rooted culinary traditions and story-telling in provincial cuisine.

The restaurant invites natural lighting - which is great for lunch weddings! Furthermore, the main dining hall features artistic adaptations inspired by the Chinese myth of the creation of Heaven and Earth.

With this already beautiful interior, we didn't need to do much but simply add touches of romantic floral decor to celebrate the romance in the air.


An Intimate Wedding Day at Yi by Jereme Leung, Raffles Hotel








Seamless Floral Wedding Decor that Enhances

As with most intimate restaurant weddings, there isn't the luxury of space to cater for raised-up stage platforms. The secret is to add decorations in key areas that make good for photo opportunities while enhancing guests' experiences.

We decided to place the floral installation at the spot where the guests' eyes first land upon entering the restaurant - nestled in between 2 of their iconic modern Chinese lanterns.

By taking into account the venue's decor, we created visual comfort instead of making it feel like the installation was just placed randomly.

As for the floral installation itself, we kept things simple but not boring by creating organic shapes and allowing the flowers to curve towards the light source - just as mother nature would.









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