Tropical Wedding Decor Ideas @ Tamarind Hill Singapore

Tropical Wedding Decor Ideas @ Tamarind Hill Singapore

Weddings are one of life’s greatest celebrations. It is why it’s not surprising how most couples go the lengths of preparing for theirs – from the venue to the wedding styling to the minutest details – or with the help of wedding professionals, just to make it unforgettable.

But what makes the union memorable, anyway? Is it the venue, decors, or the people who share in your joy as a couple as you promise to love and stay together until “death do your part”?

The Wedding Décor For This Garden Ceremony

Our couple for this feature decided to mark the start of their road to forever with simple elegance; choosing a more modern minimalist look for their wedding and reception venue. Theirs was a perfect blend of whites, greens, and gold --- a truly luxurious Tropical wedding theme.


The couple’s style embodied the old maxim, “In simplicity, there’s beauty.” While other weddings call for the use of colorful, extravagant-looking flower and foliage arrangements, theirs was a more streamlined blend of green, white and gold. But instead of coming off bland, the whole setting imbued a luxurious, rustic ambiance, an elegant feel to the whole wedding ceremony and reception.

The couple who chose this particular wedding décor figures in an east-meets-west romance. He’s an Italian; she’s an Indonesian who decided to hold their wedding in Singapore. Their choice of location, a patio in the prestigious Tamarind Hill, Singapore, reflected their desire to have a private ceremony done in an outdoor location. The patio’s lush greens provided the perfect backdrop for the green, white and gold Tropical Luxe-themed union.

Classic elegance was the description we had in mind when we decorated the venue. We mainly used fresh monstera leaves, ferns, and white flowers with golden ribbon accents to pull this off.

For the wedding arch backdrop, we put up ferns and monstera leaf arrangements on a golden-hued frame. Then, we strung light bulbs which created a café-like lighting effect come reception time.

We also used monstera leaves and ferns to decorate the back of the couple’s chairs which they used during the solemnization though we added white flower details to the bride’s to lend a more feminine feel to it.

The aisle runners were all white flowers and ferns held together by golden ribbons.

All the rest of the wedding décor reflected the theme’s tri-color in a classy and elegant way.

For the tables, we used tall glass centerpieces accented with the same monstera leaves, ferns, and white flowers arrangement made romantic by the soft glow of the candle lights.

Placement cards, signs, and other prints were either done in white or gold ink on black glossy paper and golden stands.


The simple-looking styling and decors are one classy example of how you can have an elegant wedding without having had to go overboard. The bride and groom’s want for simplicity and coziness is evident in how they wanted their wedding decorating done.

Is your own wedding coming up? When making your choice among many wedding florist in Singapore, be sure to pick up the one that will work with you to make the wedding you have in mind come to life.