Saying “I Do” in Blush at the SPRMRKT at Robertson Quay

Saying “I Do” in Blush at the SPRMRKT at Robertson Quay

“Flowers are a universal language every bride understands” – Colin Cowie

It’s no wonder brides love to fill their big day with flowers. The purpose of these blooms is not just to bring elegant beauty to one of the few very special events in their lives. Flowers are words in themselves – the bride’s language of happiness, of hope for starting a new future now together with the partners they choose to spend their lives with.

And the flowers did just that – spoke their extraordinary language of class, elegance, beauty, and love – in a recent event we created a floral design for.

The couple decided to exchange their “I dos” at the charming SPRMRKT at Robertson Quay. What we love about this place is it’s overlooking the river. That element gives the resto, café, kitchen, and bar a low-key romantic vibe.

The couple chose to hold their solemn wedding ceremony at the heritage building’s second floor, an area described as “a modern bistro-style restaurant.” The venue is intimate, simple yet classy, something that fits the couple’s personalities.

For their wedding, the twosome wanted something that was classy yet modern, simple but elegant. Roses are a foolproof choice when it comes to those terms. However, we didn’t stick with the usual colors, though. We chose a palette that’s classic in a way but still infused with hues vibrant enough so our arrangements won’t appear washed out.

In lieu of columns, we used gold-colored geometric stands, their lighter, playful vibe a direct contrast to the venue’s more somber tone. We felt these balanced out the elements, so to speak. We then used an assortment of flowers in cream, white, blush – the majority of which are roses – and deep green foliage to complement the blush-toned room.

We didn’t use large greens like monstera leaves in our arrangements, though. This is because doing so would have drowned out the loveliness and colors of the roses. On the other hand, using sprays of smaller forest green-hued leaves paired with minute clusters of white flowers highlighted the blooms’ beauty.

While white roses are associated generally with marriages, they seem to lend a somber to any event they’re put into. Of course, weddings are indeed solemn occasions but it’s a life event as well, something that we felt had to be celebrated with gladness. And so, we decided to use cream-colored blooms instead. In contrast to its serious cousin, cream-hued roses denote charm and thoughtfulness. We paired these with blush-toned ones, the light pink hues of their petals signifying excitement and desire, something that a bride would really feel right on the day that would forever change her life.  They also lend a certain air of sweetness and elegance to the venue’s overall ambiance.

Completing the arrangement is a banner where the couple’s names are written in an elegantly simple cursive lettering, a fitting centerpiece that jives well with the overall classy look of the arrangements. Flowers serve as wish carriers, too. And We hope that this couple will have the “happily ever after” they deserve.