Elegant Minimalism At Its Best For The Kenzoki White Lotus Skincare Line Product Launch

Elegant Minimalism At Its Best For The Kenzoki White Lotus Skincare Line Product Launch

The Bucket Full of Roses team doesn’t just cater to weddings. After all, flowers don't only serve their purpose when two people who want to commit their lives to each other exchange their "I dos." Their beauty isn't only reserved to lend romance in the air. Flowers are more than that.

Like the white lotus.

The lotus is greatly revered in many east and southeast Asian countries. Many cultures even see it as a symbol of purity. And purify it does! Behind the extravagant beauty of its blossoms, the different parts of the lotus plant - including its flowers - are known purifiers in traditional medicine. They have the ability to cleanse off impurities from the body and the skin. And these properties are what Kenzo Parfums utilized when they created their White Lotus skincare line via their skincare counterpart, Kenzoki.


The team was tasked to create a setting at COMO Cuisine fit for the launch of Kenzoki's White Lotus line. The event targeted key influencers so it had to be something that would impress them, something that needed to have the "Wow!" factor. Creating an environment that was a balance between simplicity, so as not to overshadow the product launched, and classy, to imbue the skincare line's core message, was challenging. But we took it with gusto.

As the skincare line's main ingredient was the white lotus, we made it the main flower of the entire design. We chose the white and green color combination - the former as the color of the invites, tablecloths, the flowers, napkins, dining utensils, and candles while the latter was presented through the foliage we used for the flower arrangements. The result was minimalistic yet elegant, simple yet not bland.

And we didn't stop there.

Having known that baby blue is the brand's color, we decided to inject it into our design by using baby blue-colored cloths as table runners. 

White stones with the names of every attendee written in cursive using black ink were used in lieu of place cards.


Other than the lotus, we used a variety of white flowers - orchids, tulips, anthuriums, baby's breath - with tropical foliage majority of which are deep-green monstera leaves. We used tall, clear glasses in varied sizes for the flower and foliage arrangements while a combination of single golden candle stands and clear glasses with stems were used for the candles. White Lotus products were placed randomly yet with style on the runners for the guests to peruse and use to their liking.


Black-dotted white circular paper lanterns adorning the ceilings and mismatched chairs completed the setting. In all, the resulting look wasn't standoffish elegant. Instead it was the kind of classy that was welcoming and warm. It created an ambiance that encouraged amiable conversations among the guests and hosts. And we could say that this bade well with what the organizers had in mind - to have the key influencers leave the event knowing and talking more about the product line presented to them.

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