Moody Tropical Shoot @ Little Island Brewing Co with SingaporeBrides

Moody Tropical Shoot @ Little Island Brewing Co with SingaporeBrides

The concept of a traditional wedding photoshoot was elevated for this styled shoot at Little Island Brewing Co at Changi Village. Influenced by Singapore's own tropical atmosphere, we enhanced the shoot with a lush, burgundy colour palate.


Bride and groom standing behind a black and white wedding cake at Little Island Brewery Co, styled with tropical flowers


Bride in avant-garde strapless wedding jumpsuit and low bun, groom in casual suit in front of beer brewing machines


The main flower installation was set with a moody backdrop of wine-red hydrangeas, dusty pink roses, and fronds, surrounding a custom acrylic sign. 


Black custom acrylic sign "Hot Love and Emotion endlessly" surrounded by tropical leaves, red hydrangeas, fronds, coffee roses


Close up of tropical fronds and crimson hydrangeas with red roses in front of brewing vats at Little Island Brewery


Couple in casual wedding outfits in front of suspended flower arrangement at Changi Village venue


Bride seated with groom in front of Little Island Brewing Co's copper beer brewing vats


Straying away from the usual, the shoot featured a strong personal bridal bouquet of a darker colour preference.


Bride looking down at dark red roses in a mid-sized bridal bouquet, standing in front of brewing vats at Little Island Brewing Co.


Bride holding out a bouquet of verdant, plush blooms, tied with a pale pink ribbon


The dramatic roses of the bridal bouquet steal your attention to their companion - maroon anthurium perfectly nestled among smaller blooms.


Little Island Brewing Co situated brewing vats behind a wedding couple holding a dark bouquet of flowers


This dusky colour motif sparked a breathtaking tablescape of the same aesthetic. 


Dining table set for a bride and a groom, styled with red roses and smaller, rustic blooms among dark red candles and golden candlesticks


Cozy, rustic darker themed floral tablescape in the foreground of Little Island Brewing Co at Changi Village


Exotic fruit and candles were used to complement the cozy, rustic tablescape.


Dragonfruit, mini papayas, and blueberries set on a rustic, wooden table


Wedding guest table setting with a floral landscape on the table, lit by flickering candlelight


Table setting of fruits and flowers, illuminated by romantic candlelight


Zoomed out shot of rustic wooden table landscape full of barrel candles and lit candles in candlesticks in front of brewing vats at Little Island Brewing Co Changi


Close up of warm-toned tablescape with purple and burgundy flowers and props


Our moody floral centrepieces were exquisitely illuminated by the warm, passionate glow of candlelight.


Wedding couple seated behind a wine red, dark floral tablescape and candles


Bridal couple looking lovingly at each other, seated at arranged table with floral centrepieces and burgundy candles


Groom kissing the bride, seated in front of lavish blooms arranged for a wedding dinner table party


The final part of the styled shoot was situated at Little Island Brewing Co's very own bar. Transformed into a dessert utopia, our florals adorned the inspiring citrus desserts perfect for the Singapore climate! 


Desserts bar for wedding at Little Island Brewery styled with dark red roses and purple orchids


Floral arrangement of tulips and roses set for a dessert bar


"Gimme Some Sugar" custom handwritten lightbox styled with orchids in front of the Little Island Brewing Co's bar and taps


We love darker colour concepts as much as we love soft-hued, delicate tones. It was a great pleasure to work with our industry partners as usual!


Bride and groom in casualwear standing in front of the brewing vats at Little Island Brewery, bouquet in bride's hand


Backlit monstera leaves, hydrangeas, roses styled for a bold wedding


Motion shot of bride and groom, posed in front of flower installation in theme with an adventurous wedding venue at Little Island Brewing Co Changi Village


Wedding couple styled in front of dark colour orchids, tropical leaves and fronds, roses arranged in front of beer brewing vats at Little Island Brewery Changi Village

Closeup shot of flower centerpiece for table layout at wedding lunch or dinner setting

Moody table landscape with lit candles and dusk dark colours set for wedding dinner or wedding lunch at Little Island Brewing Co Changi

Close up shot of lightbulb used as tablescape surrounded by warm-toned flowers and exotic dragonfruit prop

Special thanks to:
Photographer - Andri Tei Photography
Stylist - Wulala!
Suit -
MUA - Love Blush
Desserts - The Dessert Party
Calligraphy - Poptsie Paper Co.
Neon Sign - Beyond Neon
Models - Vera of & Lawrence Ong