A Blue & White CHIJMES Wedding

A Blue & White CHIJMES Wedding


Change occurs constantly, but one thing remains the same - true love. At this exquisite wedding, our couple had a beautiful wedding in the beautiful hall of heritage - CHIJMES. 

This CHIJMES wedding was had a beautiful regal charm in its interior space. With high ceilings and gothic styled arches, we made sure to create arrangements that complimented the hall exceptionally.


White screen in a CHIJMES chapel hall with stained glass and white, blue flower arrangements


What's special about this wedding isn't the fact that it's held in the national monument of Singapore that is 19th century neo Gothic chapel with striking architectural features. But rather that it was a beautiful celebration of love between two wonderful individuals and their families. So we wanted to do justice to that!


Doorway of CHIJMES hall with light streaming in on long, white tables of floral arrangements. Chandeliers hang next to ivory curtains


The couple picked a white and blue colour palette that lent a gentle elegance to the striking architectural features of the CHIJMES hall. The colours truly made the wedding the epitome of elegance.


Couple photos in acrylic frames, positioned on baby blue table runner, decorated by white orchids and other flowers in blue and purple for weddings at CHIJMES


Floral arrangement of white orchids and roses with blue hydrangea on a white table with baby blue table runner at a solemnisation


Complemented by a powder blue table runner, our white roses, soft lavender hydrangeas, and pale purple delphiniums brightened up the ivory drapes that hung next to the venue’s 19th century neo gothic chapel columns. The tables were styled with low floral creations and accentuated by flowers that were charmingly arranged in tall crystal vases that accompanied the crystal chandeliers of the chapel beautifully.


Long dinner table styled with blue candles in gold candlesticks and white and blue floral arrangements at a solemnization


Close-up of white orchids in a floral arrangement styled in a tall, crystal vase on dining table at a CHIJMES wedding


Tall and short floral arrangements in white and blue on a long, white wedding dining table in CHIJMES hall


After the bridesmaids walked in with their lavish, white posies adorned with a blue ribbon, the father of the bride walked her down the aisle to the main stage adorned by white orchids on acrylic stands. The stage of the chapel was elegantly lit and allowed for the bride to glow naturally.


CHIJMES chapel hall with stained glass. White orchids arrangement on the main stage atop some stairs at City Hall


Instead of tossing the bridal bouquet, the bride uniquely bestowed her wedding bouquet filled with lush greens, white roses and periwinkle delphiniums to her closest and most beloved friend. What a sweet gesture!


Bride and groom sharing a first kiss with a personal bridal bouquet in the bride's hand


The dinner afterparty at Empress was a sight to behold with joyful guests and beautiful florals lovingly repurposed from the afternoon’s ceremony.


Close-up of white orchids and buttercup anemones on a dining table marked "F" in CHIJMES hall for a wedding


ACM's Empress bar counter decorated with white florals next to wine bottles


The healthy blooms beamed down upon the festive crowd from behind the bar counter and on the dinner tables. 


Asians Civilisations Museum's Empress Restaurant's round dining tables decorated by blooming arrangements in tall, clear vases


Empress bar counter with arranged flowers and custom wedding gold acrylic sign for the couple


Our happy couple has since been living their legacy of joy, and we are sure that there are many more years of happiness to come!


Styled orchids, hydrangeas, delphiniums, and buttercups in white and shades of blue atop acrylic stands for CHIJMES weddings


Close-up of styled white and blue flowers atop acrylic stands with candles at a romantic wedding at CHIJMES


Close-up of styled white orchids with white and blue delphiniums and hydrangeas at dreamy CHIJMES solemnization


Gold chairs arranged in CHIJMES chapel hall facing a screen and a seasonal flower styling for a solemnization


White aisle in CHIJMES hall at City Hall lined by gold chairs leading up to a seasonal flower arrangement on the main stage


Seasonal blooms arranged behind a bar counter with custom gold bridal acrylic signage at Empress ACM


Warmly lit marble bar counter decorated with white orchids, blue hydrangeas, eucalyptus next to wine bottles and glasses at ACM Empress restaurant