Stylish Elegance for A Clifford Pier Wedding

Stylish Elegance for A Clifford Pier Wedding

Clifford Pier is one of those wedding venues that gives you a clean canvas to work on.

Once a historical landing point that witnessed countless arrivals to Singapore, its iconic arches tell many precious tales of bright beginnings, allowing endless possibilities to create a wedding that is truly a reflection of your love story.


Wedding Day Decorations Backed by Valuable Experience

Some of the keywords the couple emphasised were: Classy, Stylish, Elegant, Sophisticated, Timeless, and Modern.

Having decorated many weddings at Clifford Pier, we knew the key focal point to decorate is the privacy screen - a partition that divides the lobby entrance from the wedding banquet hall since there is no door or wall to demarcate the area.

This privacy screen serves as a backdrop that greets guests first thing upon arrival, while separating their wedding from the public guests and having the space to themselves.

clifford pier @ fullerton bay hotel wedding decor
clifford pier @ fullerton bay hotel wedding decor
wedding decorations that suit the beautiful high ceilings of clifford pier
singapore wedding venue decorations

A Special and Creative Twist for the Wedding Theme

The thought process behind this was not a straightforward one.

An obvious way to decorate the screen is to have a standard carpentry backdrop. However, it's been way overdone and common.

Secondly, since the solemnization ceremony was to be held on the reverse side of this partition, we needed to design a double-sided wall decoration.

Eventually, we came to the idea of having a lush greenery installation on the reverse side of the wall to serve as the backdrop while having spotlights to cast and throw shadows on the front view.

We also broke the wall into multiple layers to create more depth and allow a glimpse of the interior at the side angle.

lovely flowers wedding decoration

flowers decor at clifford pier

wedding decorations clifford pier

lunch wedding decoration

clifford pier

floral decor that complements clifford pier architecture

wedding decor that reflects delighted memories

married couple

To be able to cast those beautiful shadows, we decided to bring in real trees and shrubs directly from nature.

We focused on textures more than flower types as the rest of the wedding was all white and floral-heavy.

 fresh white blooms for tables decor

tabletop florals

combination of flowers decorations for clifford pier

singapore wedding bride

weding decor for restaurant

bride with floral wedding decorations

telling precious tales of love with floral decorations

Customised Floral Installation to Welcome Bright Beginnings

As for the stage, we created an all-white floral installation that framed the circular platform, which also serves as the perfect backdrop for the groom to perform a saxophone piece for this bride.

floral stage decoration for singapore wedding

singapore wedding venue wedding florist

wedding flowers installation


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