Spring Garden in a HDB

Spring Garden in a HDB

Flowers are the perfect decorations for every occasion as they convey heartfelt emotions when words are not enough.

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Today’s project features a cozy HDB flat spruced up specially for a surprise 60th birthday party. Even though the party was just for a few close family members, we went all out to recreate a spring garden in this charming abode. 

How to flower decoration for home party deceorations Singapore ideas with phototaking wall in HDB flat

Making use of the existing space, we transformed this wall into the focal point where the feature table would stand. 

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Our brief was to create a lively and beautiful spring garden to match the bright energy of the 60-year-old birthday girl.

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The soft, pastel orange cloth draped over the focal table elevated the coziness and familial affection. 

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Added onto the feature table were vases of daintier sprigs that surrounded the cake stand to provide more height and dimension.

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The finishing touch on the table was a simple flower arrangement in shades of marigold and honey, making it an impeccable companion to the tablecloth! 

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As the party attendees intended to take a few family shots in front of the feature wall, we went with floating floral arrangements safely affixed onto the wall.

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We made sure to keep the floating flowers slightly above the average height, making it an ideal place for full-body photographs without the fear of blocking the decorations.

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White peonies were chosen as the focal flower, symbolising prosperity and good luck. 


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It was as if the flowers knew how much their recipient loved them as the peonies bloomed wonderfully on the day! 


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We also created a solo table arrangement for the quaint family dinner to follow. The myriad of brilliant shades complemented the white dining table exquisitely, tying in the feature table to the dinner setting. 

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Happy birthday to the eternally youthful birthday girl! It was truly heartwarming to see a tight-knit family making the most of their fruitful time together.

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