Midsummer Night Hotel South Beach @ JW Marriott Singapore Wedding

Midsummer Night Hotel South Beach @ JW Marriott Singapore Wedding

Star-filled skies are a beautiful ode to love with their mesmerising twinkling and earnest glow. Our featured couple took inspiration from romantic nightfall as well as their chosen ceremony venue, JW Marriott South Beach.


Making a Grand Entrance with Flowers

jw marriott ballroom beach road for hotel wedding banquet 2022 photo op decorated staircase with flowers

The couple selected a colour palette filled with twilight colours like dark blue and indigo as their personalised wedding theme. Perfect for the grand ballroom of the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach Hotel.

JW Marriott Hotel is a perfect place to create distinct weddings such as this one!

With exquisite menus and wedding banquet that features a traditional Chinese banquet made by a top-notch culinary team.

Your guests can enjoy the wedding both aesthetically and gastronomically!

Close up of purple wedding flowers decor ideas delphinium unique floral designs for wedding Singapore wedding florist at JW Marriott Hotel ballroom inspiration

Pinterest gold mirror frame wedding signage with couple's names at JW Marriot hotel ballroom iconic staircase photo

Lining the iconic JW Marriott grand ballroom stairs were gorgeous floor floral arrangements. We also included arrangements on the railings to accentuate the abundant lushness of the wedding event.

 jw marriott wedding package 2022 complementary flowers for jw marriott staircase wedding

Personalising JW Marriott Hotel Singapore for Our Couple

jw marriott singapore ballroom wedding Singapore with wedding flower package on staircase installation done by singapore wedding florist BFOR

Part of the advantages of our package includes individualized personalization.

As such, we even took it upon ourselves to parallel the beautiful night sky with the use of midnight blue hydrangeas and periwinkle delphiniums. 

Close up of wedding flowers singapore decoration price with filler flowers at JW Marriott South Beach hotel Forest of Lights

Close up of wedding blue theme flowers pink theme at JW Marriott Singapore hotel for wedding dinner banquet ideas

Candles were combined with the elegant staircase blooms for a dreamy atmosphere in the main ballroom.

Close up of wedding candles singapore candle holders for staircase decoration at jw marriott south beach hotel wedding solemnization

We mixed up faux wax candles and bronze candle holders for a refined look.

Fake candle lights for safe wedding decor ideas with fire on marble staircase decoration ideas at jw marriott hotel beach road

The result was a gorgeous floral staircase that synced up perfectly with the ballroom’s Forest of Lights fixture at the JW Marriott Hotel.

jw marriott wedding photography spot on grand beauty and the beast staircase in ballroom for wedding lunch or dinner banquet cum solemnization ceremony

Wedding mirror signage board Singapore using large mirror for wedding sign at JW marriott south beach review

Just before ascending the stairs, we created and set up a vast night’s sky photo backdrop.

Wedding backdrop rental singapore ideas at jw marriott wedding photography photoshoot

Acrylic stands held delicate blooms of white and indigo delphiniums as the focus flowers. Pink roses complemented the romantic atmosphere of the actual event.

JW Marriott south beach road review with wedding backdrop design starry night theme ideas


Just like stars, a love like our couple’s is sure to light up the whole sky. We wish the couple a blissful marriage! 


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