Meandering Wild Forest Theme for ParkRoyal Marina Bay Wedding

Meandering Wild Forest Theme for ParkRoyal Marina Bay Wedding

Like we always say, it is important to know the venue before we even start the design process. For most weddings, the key area when it comes to flowers and decor is the stage.

However, for a venue like PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, their atrium ballroom stage features a full-height LED screen wall; hence it will not be feasible to have a fully decked-out stage.

Instead, we brought the focal point to the aisle.


Merging Nature and Modernity in a Wedding Aisleway

Having focused the main bulk of the decorations towards the aisle means the couple get beautiful photos for their march-in.

Just look at how we brought the room to life for such an important milestone!










PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay was conceptualized around the concept of a "garden-in-a-hotel" and warm hospitality, paving the way towards sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Thus, it's no surprise that the bride wanted to keep the lush ambience, opting for a rich, deep, bold colour palette while keeping the overall look organically dense and forest-like.

We used a mix of jewel tones, including Burgundy, Ruby, Orange, Peach & Forest Green.

The choice of flower types also leans more towards tropical botanicals - different from the usual romantic flower types that you'll more commonly see at a typical wedding banquet.





















Tying the Forest Theme Together

We extended the same look and theme to the guest tables as well, creating a low but lush centrepiece in the middle of the table.







 For the solemnisation table, we kept the decorations low by having the floral installation frame the couple's chair instead. 



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