Classy Woody Burgundy Floral Arch

Classy Woody Burgundy Floral Arch

The best form of beauty is simplicity. During this solemnisation ceremony, our couple asked for a modest, classic colour palette and setup. 


Wooden floral arch Singapore wedding florist for solemnisation ceremony with classic color palette pink and red

Combining classic red roses with their pale pink counterparts, we composed an ode to simple harmony with the help of eucalyptus and smaller blooms.

Floral arch wedding Singapore with classic theme for solemnisation venue ceremony 2022

We created a picturesque rectangular floral arch to frame the solemnisation area. Blush pink drapes were also added to soften the rectangular lines which enhanced the romantic, dreamy atmosphere!

Floral arch rental design for Singapore wedding styling at solemnization venue ideas 2022

As the couple had a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot, we decorated a photo table to showcase their lovely photographs! 

Decorated wedding photobooth table ideas with simple decor in soft pink

We went with minimalistic rose gold frames to complement the blush pink fabric. 

Decorated wedding photo display Singapore ideas displaying pre wedding photos table

Several floral arrangements were set up on the table, creating a mini gardenscape where the couple’s photos could shine.

Simple wedding reception table wedding decor ideas 2022 displaying wedding couple photography

Combined with tapered candles and other delicate trinkets, the photo table made for an appealing welcome to the couple’s guests.

Photo table display ideas for wedding with classic burgundy colour palette Singapore 2022 wedding

Wedding fairy lights Singapore for photo display table at solemnisation ceremony 2022

We also added pops of the colour red on the photo table. Talk about an eye-catching display! 


Wedding photo table decoration ideas for simple dusty pink colour palette with draped table linens 2022


We were glad to fulfill our couple’s wish for a simple yet significant ceremony. It was a truly special day for them, filled with everlasting love! 

Top 1 wedding colour theme to inspire in classic red and pink in 2022


Inspiration for cinnamon rose and classic dusty rose theme for wedding colour palette