Boho Luxe @ Singapore Island Country Club

Boho Luxe @ Singapore Island Country Club

The venue of our featured wedding today is Singapore Island Country Club -  a heritage-filled space that radiates affluence and poise.


Close up of wedding floral arch in circular shape in front of classic gold sparkled wall at Singapore Island Country Club Bukit Timah

Our bride chose to include her unique favourite flower, the King Protea, in a classic white and green colour palette. 


Unique South African flower, the King Protea as wedding feature flower in floral arrangement for wedding dinner at SICC

Helmed as the national flower of South Africa due to its resemblance to a royal family crown, this rare bloom accentuated the luxurious fresh flowers at the wedding.


Bespoke wedding florals of unique taste for wedding flower arrangements at Singapore Island Country Club wedding


We made certain that the white roses and Queen Anne’s lace to complement the elegant gold-panelled walls of the venue. Pampas was a wonderful accompaniment and added a boho element that our bride wished for.


Close up of floor floral arrangement for wedding reception flowers of pampas, eucalyptus, straw flowers against wall paneling at Singapore wedding venue in Bukit Timah

Arranged on a Pinterest-worthy circle arch, the walls and elements of latte colours coordinated perfectly with one another. 


White draped circle arch and soft lit candles for solemnization and wedding stage decor Singapore at SICC Bukit Timah ballroom

Taking cues from the venue’s warm lighting, we included large floor candles encased in delicate glass vases. What a romantic atmosphere! 


Close up of flower decor for Singapore bride wedding at Singapore Island Country Club with romantic candlelight and white roses at dinner ceremony

We were drawn to straw flowers and eucalyptus that further elevated the boho concept of our floral arrangements.


Unique white wedding flowers decoration at SICC Country Club with customised colour palette for blooms with matching candles set


Two tall wedding freestanding frame arch surrounding orange armchairs at Singapore Island Country Golf Club ballroom

Just like how the King Protea is also known as honeypot, we wish our wonderful couple all the sweetness and love in their everlasting journey together!