Romance in Autumn @ Sinfonia Ristorante

Romance in Autumn @ Sinfonia Ristorante

When our featured couple approached us for their wedding florals, they shared that they had decided to scale down from a larger wedding to a smaller and more intimate one due to the pandemic restrictions. This made the ceremony even more special to them, and we knew we wouldn't let them down! 

We worked on a warm colour palette picked by our bride which consisted of burgundy, burnt orange, blush and white. To bring these colours together cohesively, we added in a great deal of autumn orange foliage. 

Our bride’s kua of orange and red paired well with the feature flower - an astounding burgundy peony that bloomed marvellously on the couple’s wedding day. 

Singapore bride in traditional Chinese kua ceremonial dress posing in front of old school dragon playground with warm bridal bouquet with pink ribbon

The early morning sun shone perfectly upon the bouquet as our groom was on his way to fetch his beloved bride.


With this picture perfect palette, the bridal bouquet featured toffee and blush roses together with delicate Oncidiums for a flowy presence. 

Warm early morning sunlight glow upon groom in traditional blue Chinese male qun kua holding a red peony bouquet in a carpark in Singapore before Fetch the Bride and gatecrashing

After the morning’s festivities, we headed to Sinfonia Ristorante to set up their cozy wedding dinner. 

Wedding floral pillars placed in Sinfonia Ristorante wedding venue for solemnization for a small covid pandemic wedding

The warm autumn colour palette transitioned from a warm, intimate vibe in the day to a romantic ambiance in the evening.

Customised LED screen to showcase wedding photography and videography at Sinfonia Restaurant at Victoria Concert Hall near Singapore River wedding

Part of Sinfonia Ristorante’s charm are their Corinthian columns. We worked with the elegant restaurant decor to ensure that the wedding exuded grandeur and understated sparkle.

Bride handover at Sinfonia wedding with bride's mother walking bride down the aisle, surrounded by wedding flower pillars to frame the aisle

The flora columns were created to look taller which was perfect for a venue with majestically high ceilings. 

Close up of wedding pillar flowers at Sinfonia Ristorante wedding venue showcasing red wedding flower arrangements


Warm colour palette for wedding aisle flowers and chairs at Sinphonia Ristorante Victoria Concert Hall Singapore

The floral installations consisted of toffee and blush roses, burgundy Oncidiums, and dainty autumn berries. 

Delicate wedding flowers in toffee and dusty pink colours in a flower pillar wedding style at restaurant near Victoria Theatre at Empress Place

We alternated between predominantly blush and burgundy floor installations to decorate the rows of chairs for our couple’s solemnization ceremony.

Gold Tiffany chairs used for solemnization venue at Sinfonia Ristorante with separate floor wedding flowers


Autumn wedding flower arrangements for floor installation at Sinphonia restaurant Singapore Empress Pl

Pedestals with flower arrangements made of toffee and white shades were placed around the restaurant, bathing the dining area with fresh floral scents. It was truly a treat for all senses! 


Macro shot of pedestal flowers on gold stand for dinner banquet wedding at Sinfonia Restaurant

The flower pillars lined the passageway perfectly for our bride’s mother to walk her beautiful daughter down the aisle. 


Mother walking daughter down the wedding aisle wearing a wedding embellished mask at Empress Place restaurant Sinfonia

There wasn’t a single dry eye in the place as our lovely couple had their first march-in! 

First couple march in at Sinfonia Ristorante with bride in an Amanda Lee wedding gown holding a autumn season bouquet next to similarly themed floral pillars

The doorway of the restaurant opened up into 2 flower pillars that framed every picture the bride and groom took together on the aisle which was repurposed as their staging area.

Bride and groom pouring out their first Champagne toast in front of their family at Sinfonia Ristorante Empress Place

It was a joy to see the couple celebrate their union with a popping of Champagne! 

Groom wearing corsage and bride wearing loose hair flowers popping Champagne within covid wedding guidelines at Sinfonia Ristorante Victoria Concert Hall Empress Place


Bride and groom wedding couple pouring yum seng sparkling wine for yam seng toast at wedding within wedding restrictions

Following the festivities, the wedding guests settled down at numbered dining tables brightened by floral table arrangements filled with light pink roses and rose-coloured delphiniums. 

Dusty pink delphiniums in thick gold vase Etsy inspired wedding flower table arrangement

The dining table flowers elevated the atmosphere without being obtrusive. As we wanted guests to still be able to hold conversations over the table, the blooms were strategically arranged in low, golden dishes. 


Handwritten wedding favours and honey pots for wedding gifts at Sinfonia Ristorante in 2020 2021 dinner banquet


Low table floral arrangement in shallow rose gold dish for flowers on white linen dining table at wedding ceremony

On the VIP table, we designed a long-low - a table arrangement that allows for a grander scheme of florals while still being low-key.


Long low graceful flower table arrangement for VIP florals table at dinner ceremony Sinfonia Ristorante Empress Place

We were glad to take cues from the beautiful restaurant housed in such a historic building! It was a treat to be able to enhance the splendor of such significant architecture. A thousand blessings to our beautiful couple with many years of bliss ahead! 


Smiling groom looking at bride candidly during pre-wedding photography outside Victoria Concert Hall


Custom acrylic signage with autumn coloured flowers and warm orange lighting outside wedding ceremony venue


Wedding couple speech in front of childhood photos montage at Sinfonia Ristorante


Full body shot of bride in wedding dress with her long veil trailing down Victoria Concert Hall marble steps during wedding photography shoot

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