Pastel Blue & Yellow @ Wesley Methodist Church

Pastel Blue & Yellow @ Wesley Methodist Church


Our featured bride came to us with a remarkable colour palette of yellow and blue. Enthusiastic about this uncommon combination of colours, we went all out to make it work with our couple’s overall style as well as for the venue - Wesley Methodist Church.


2 floral pillars for a wedding solemnization at Wesley Sanctuary at Wesley Methodist Church Fort Canning Singapore


We used yellow and white roses, Billy Buttons, and delphiniums to create a lush and astonishing feel. The pops of light blue added on dreamy calmness at this lovely venue on Fort Canning Road.


Close up shot of yellow roses, delphiniums, white queen anne's lace, and tropical ferns for a wedding ceremony at Wesley Methodist Church chapel


Blue hydrangeas nestled among white queen anne's lace and eustomas, put together with yellow roses and queen anne's lace near Fort Canning Park at Wesley Methodist Church for solemnisation ceremony


Car florals highlighted the colour of marigold, denoting happiness and warmth. The blooming lemon-coloured roses featured beautifully under the golden sun. The couple’s friends and family had a smile on their faces just by looking at the vibrant shades of buttery magic! 


Wedding car decoration flowers on Mercedes under morning Singapore sunlight outside Wesley Methodist Church


Golden sunlight highlighting wedding car decorations for morning ceremony in Singapore's Fort Canning Wesley Methodist Church


While we were not allowed to decorate the inside of the chapel, we created floral pillars that stood on either side of the church’s glass and wooden doors, thus framing the entrance exquisitely.


Wedding floral pillars outside Wesley Methodist Church near Fort Canning Hill with yellow and blue colour palette 


Wedding floral decoration outside Wesley Methodist Church near Fort Canning Park with yellow and blue colour palette tones


Floating flowers structure outside Wesley Methodist Church near Fort Canning Hill

The freestanding structures were enveloped in flowers and ferns, making it seem like the blooms were whimsically floating in their natural state.


Close up of floral wedding column with yellow, blue and white colour palette


Tall mobile floral display at Wesley Methodist Church Singapore with blue and yellow colours and tropic ferns


After the solemnization ceremony, the freestanding floral arrangements were carefully transported to the couple’s wedding banquet venue. Creating the flower frames to be mobile were at the forefront of our minds while we melded together efficiency and beauty. 


We were awestruck with how beautiful the couple looked, and grateful that we were able to work on such unique colours. We wish warmth and happiness to our couple, just like how the beautiful flowers shone with a honey glow under the sun!