A More Intimate Spago Singapore Wedding

A More Intimate Spago Singapore Wedding

One of the mostly unintended effects of the pandemic is small, intimate weddings--and we absolutely love styling them!

Aside from easier logistics planning, we daresay it is easier to inject more personality into a wedding of a smaller scale.

In this Spago wedding, for instance, it was enough to focus on the blooms and flower arrangements to drive home the beauty and solemnity of an intimate gathering.


Less is more




When you already have a wedding venue as ethereal as the Spago Dining Room, balance is key.

Being located at the same level as Marina Bay Sands' iconic swimming pool allowed the dining room lots of light to peak through.

Thus, in designing the space, we set our sights on taking advantage of the elevation.

The result? A minimal yet modern decor that gelled well with a bright interior, perfect for an afternoon wedding lunch.


Florals floating in the sky





One of the highlights of every wedding is the champagne-pouring-and-speeches part.

As we did not have the luxury of space, we had to do some creative thinking to create a backdrop to frame the couple for this part of the wedding.

For a restaurant set high in the skies, it was only right to do something 'up there.'

Our solution was to create a simple floral installation with bold flowers of whites, pinks and reds for a popping effect and have them hung up on walls for a 'floating in the sky' illusion.


Harmony in creating centrepieces at Spago dining room






Height and elevation played a huge role in the overall theme of the wedding.

Here, we made sure that while the table centrepieces carried the same theme and look, they did not look monotonous or barren.

To achieve this, we used elevated white vases to give height to the floral centrepieces.


An elevated dining experience




When it comes to designing dinner tables, it's important to consider the practicality of the arrangement.

Aesthetics doesn't have to be inconvenient; it shouldn't be a pain to eat and enjoy yourself.

With this in mind, we kept our table wedding decor minimalist and elegant with a few chosen blooms strategically placed so dining can remain a pleasant experience.


Small doesn't have to be boring with Bucket Full of Roses!

spago dining room photo courtesy of bfor