Modern Japanese-inspired Wedding @ S.E.A. Aquarium

Modern Japanese-inspired Wedding @ S.E.A. Aquarium

Love transcends countries, language and all odds. Our featured wedding showcases just that when our couple picked an unconventional location for their wonderful celebration on Sentosa Island - the S.E.A Aquarium! 


Yam seng ceremony at banquet at S.E.A Aquarium Sentosa wedding for wedding couple

As our bride was Singaporean and our groom Japanese, we leapt at the opportunity to blend the two significant cultures together while still staying true to their individual personalities.


Wedding chair decorations with white chair covers for wedding banquet at Sentosa aquarium wedding

Cherry blossoms were the immediate choice for this spectacular venue. While they are near impossible to procure in Singapore, we found creative ways of replicating the same delicate, white and pink colour palette.


Cherry blossom themed for wedding motif Singapore at SEA Aquarium

At the same time, we injected the fun and quirky vibes of our couple by elevating the floral installations with painted gold foliage. 


Romantic gold foliage wedding decor inspiration for flower installation at wedding dinner on Sentosa Island

The minimalistic flower stands were adorned with white phalaenopsis orchids and flourished with the help of roses in the shades of peach, blush and white. 


Gold minimalist standing flower installation for opening ceremony and wedding stage decor

With the varying heights and tones, we were able to recreate the exquisite symbolism of Japan’s national flower right here in our bride’s home country.


Close up of timeless roses for wedding flowers at S.E.A. Aquarium dinner banquet

The vast space of the aquarium also lent us the opportunity to display petite cherry blossom trees that were embellished with trailing fairy lights. 


Candid photo of bride at SEA aquarium of a unique location wedding next to string lights

String lights were also laid across the banisters and beams, illuminating the darker venue with soft coziness and warmth. 


Amazing wedding venue photo featuring married couple at SEA Aquarium Ocean Restaurant wedding

Tying the knot in the marine realm was enchantingly captivating. 

Cherry blossoms signify life and springtime that bring forth bountiful success. Similarly, we wish our beautiful couple a wondrous and prosperous life together!


Close up of faux gold leaves painted and blush roses


Close up of white wedding orchids for dreamy lunch wedding at Ocean Restaurant Sentosa


Close up of peach roses and colour palette tailor made for unique wedding location at SEA Aquarium Resorts World Sentosa Ocean Restaurant