Eden Garden @ Conrad Hotel

Eden Garden @ Conrad Hotel

It’s not everyday we can literally conceptualise a wedding’s florals after the couple! Our featured couple was an exception as we took cues directly from the groom’s name. The bride’s brief was to recreate a beautiful Garden of Eden. 

Wedding flower ideas lush gardenscape florist decor Singapore for wedding banquet at Conrad Hotel Singapore

Combining the couple’s favourite colours, we decided on a colour palette of yellow, peach, orange and red. This mirrored a beautiful setting of summer going into spring!

Conrad Hotel wedding dinner banquet stage flowers for solemnization Singapore wedding florist

We transformed the stage into a beautiful sunset landscape with the use of crimson lilies and blood red Anthuriums alongside exotic greenery.

Wedding stage flowers decoration ideas at Conrad Hotel Singapore bridal bouquet wedding

The setting was filled with flowers arranged with intentional lushness. 

Unique wedding flowers ideas with special colour palette and lush garden concept for Conrad Singapore hotel wedding ceremony

Close up of stage decor flowers at lunch wedding Conrad Hotel Singapore

We made sure to pepper in daintier flowers to create dimension in an otherwise bulky installation. 

Red colour palette flowers for wedding decor ideas at Conrad Singapore hotel wedding banquet florist

Close up of dainty wedding flowers Singapore florist for wedding and flower arrangements for Singapore hotel wedding banquet

The couple went with a neon purple signage which we built around, making sure that the floral arrangements complemented the unique illumination. 

Wedding florist packages for Conrad Hotel Singapore wedding solemnisation ceremony

The signage cast a lilac glow upon the blooms, giving them an ethereal and dreamlike feel! 

Unique wedding flower arrangements ideas with Singapore wedding florist bucketful of roses

Creating a lush garden on the wedding stage was a feat we were delighted to accomplish. Once the stage was cleaned up and ready for the ceremony, we stood back in admiration of how drastically fresh blooms can alter the ambiance of an otherwise neutral wedding venue! 

Close up of pale crimson flower at Conrad wedding dinner done by Bucket Full of Roses Singapore wedding florist cost

Conrad Hotel Singapore dinner banquet ceremony with unique wedding flowers

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