Home Floral Kit - Weekly Subscription

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We will deliver to you every week's freshest flowers, with different color palette curated by us (trust us to select the best!), delivered in loose stems (they will not be arranged) so you can have your own floral therapy at home! Photos are for reference only. Flower types and color will differ weekly.

Deliveries will be made every Wednesday as a good midweek perk-me-up! Your first order will include a free glass vase too!

This is a weekly subscription and you will be charged accordingly every Tuesday. You can also choose to terminate the subscription any time you want after fulfilling 4 orders (1 month).

We have also conducted LIVE sessions on IG to arrange the flowers with you! Look out for more over at our IG @bucketfullof_roses.


We know you've been #StayingHome and #WorkingFromHome, wouldn't it be nice to spruce up your work-home situation? We all already know, flowers are happiness (there's science to back this up!) and I can list down all the benefits of flowers at home (google it!). BUT, in this unprecedented time, flowers are needed more than ever because flowers connect people. They are the messenger of love.

We could've taken this #CircuitBreaker to take a break but the floral industry needs small businesses like ours to step up even more. While it does not make front-line news, flowers are perishables and unlike produce, they aren't considered an essential item and the industry has been in a very tight situation with extremely large volume of wastage.

Demand all over the world has dropped, borders have closed, and the timing of the outbreak coincided with major occasions that should've drove high demand - what growers have anticipated before the outbreak and have already grew their crops in advance. Hence can you imagine, it's currently harvest season yet there are nobody buying them? Without being able to have a return of investment of their current crops, growers are facing huge financial difficulties and makes it even harder for them to invest in next year's crops.

While what we are doing is small, we believe every small step counts. At the same time, we'd like to you to experience what flowers do for us as florists and why we love it.