Floral Starter Toolkit

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Let us help you get started in floristry by introducing some of our favorite florist tools. As they say, getting the right tools & equipments is half the job done. 

In this kit you will receive:

  1. Floral Scissors - this is our favorite go-to scissors for cutting stems

  2. Thorn Strippers - the tool we use to rid em rose thorns!

  3. Florist Gloves - great for quick conditioning of flowers, prevent you from nasty thorn stabs and even better for those who might be sensitive/allergy to certain flower types and need some protection

  4. Coated Chicken Wire - we can't find a good coated chicken wire in Singapore that doesn't rust as easily as the regular silver ones and these are specially imported in

  5. Color Wheel - this is the most important tool of all! Use this to create beautiful color palettes

*Note: Kits will only be ready for shipment in 2nd week of August.