Tropical Elegance @ Panamericana Sentosa

Tropical Elegance @ Panamericana Sentosa

When you think about tropical weddings, do you think about overly cute pineapples and bright colors? Having a tropical themed wedding can be elegant too! We used a muted and understated color palette of Burgundy, Peach, White and Green to create this wedding.

A landscape floral installation was created to serve as a backdrop against the vast sky and greenery while they exchange their vows. There were use of tropical materials like orchids, anthuriums, cordyline, monstera etc.






The bride also did not want an overly stuffed aisle walk way, hence she opted for just 2 simple aisle clusters at the start of the aisleway.




Inside the dining hall, we create an overhanging table installation for their VIP table. Lush florals hanging down with loose beer bottles with single stalk flowers.







The bar was also created with florals and props as the couple loves beer! They even customized their own beer labels, isn't that creative??





Small weddings can be impactful and memorable too. You just need to inject flavours of your personalities and find the tone/mood that resonates with you. We are so happy to be able to celebrate intimate yet meaningful weddings like these.