Sweet Pastel @ Andaz Hotel

Sweet Pastel @ Andaz Hotel

Being a wedding florist means being versatile. Working with the details and venue to the couple’s advantage is always at the forefront of our minds! 


Wedding welcome reception table with salmon pink tablecloth and couple's photos beside pastel pink and purple flower table arrangement and candles at Singapore Andaz Bugis

Our featured bride loves pastel pink and purple shades. This colour palette fit perfectly with her desire for her wedding to have a luxe, lush and romantic sentiment.


 As our couple planned on having their small solemnization ceremony in the intimate Andaz function room, we endeavoured to create a transportable floral stand backdrop that could be moved from the smaller space to the main hall.


Gold Tiffany chairs with white cushions in intimate solemnisation ceremony hall lined with romantic floral hedges at Hyatt Andaz Singapore


Wood oaky room at Andaz Hotel Singapore with gold Tiffany chairs lined with floor floral arrangements and sweet candles for solemnization ceremony


Our mobile floral backdrop consisted of several free-standing rose gold structures arranged with romantic pale pink and purple roses together with charming eucalyptus leaves, creating that additional bit of whimsy. 


Free standing floral structures for backdrop and versatility with trailing eucalyptus leaves and roses, mattiolas, hydrangeas in shades of pink and purple


Close up of vertical flowers structures with negative space and crafted fresh flowers with pastel pink roses and purple hydrangeas and mattiolas


Because they are made of complementary structures, the floral stand could be adjusted to create different shapes within the realms of the four parts. 


Hyatt Andaz Singapore Hotel main wedding stage designed with dripping flowers and feature cascading floral backdrop


It was a delight to repurpose the floral stand and incorporate it into the cascading floral installation on the main stage. We also supplemented the lushness by adding graceful  “dripping flowers” on Andaz Hotel’s existing trellis.


Waterfall wedding floral stands on rose gold structure with white, pink, purple trellis flowers and candles at Andaz Hotel main hall


Wide shot of Andaz Hotel Bugis' main wedding reception stage lined with floor floral arrangements and romantic candles in front of a cascading romantic wedding floral backdrop


The floor floral hedges that demarcated the march-in aisle at the solemnization room were also repurposed on the main stage. Lining the edge of the stage and the foot of the steps with vibrant flower arrangements were a sure way to create more dimension to the main stage installation!


Close up of chair leg and aisle flowers designed to mark out the march-in aisle


Stage floral arrangement consisting of pastel pink and pastel purple mattiola, roses, hydrangeas, eucalyptus on main stage floor at Hyatt Andaz Singapore


Close up of floral arrangement next to main stage steps at main wedding hall in Andaz Hotel Singapore consisting of white and pastel pink roses and flowers


Lit candles made wonderful companions to the floral hedges of pale pink roses, eustomas, and pastel purple shades. 


Main stage at Andaz Hotel Singapore ballroom with wedding flowers arranged as a backdrop and floral arrangemnents decorating the main stage floor


Romantic wedding floral backdrop at elegant wedding banquet in Andaz Singapore Hotel


Sweet repurposed solemnization flowers arranged at the edge of the wedding main stage for feature point at Andaz Bugis Singapore


We wish the happy couple all the best, with more wonderful occasions in front of them!


Close up of salmon pink and white roses, purple mattiolas, fern and eucalyptus leaves


Close up of wedding floral backdrop arrangement with dainty dripping flowers hanging from the trellis at Andaz Hotel main hall


Side view of customized couple's name in acrylic signage with cascaded flowers on wedding main stage


Lush romantic pastel flowers adorn main stage of Andaz Hotel Singapore main ballroom stage for wedding dinner


Close up of blooming pastel pink rose among wedding flower arrangements on mobile floral arch stands


White march in aisle carpet personalised with couple's name and wedding date in Andaz Hotel Bugis


Customised white march-in aisle carpet in room of chandelier light fixture at Andaz Hyatt Singapore Hotel