Mauve Blush @ Andaz

Mauve Blush @ Andaz

Blushing in Mauve at the Stylish Andaz Singapore

We were excited to be chosen for an Andaz Singapore wedding and provide our services for a wedding installation, as we would be dressing up one of our most adored venues once again! 

Andaz Singapore is a great location that features The Glasshouse, a venue with a high ceiling and a glass box design, or the Garden Studio with an outdoor terrace area, perfect if you have many guests.

The word 'Andaz,' which translates to 'personal style' in Hindi, represents the wedding ceremonies often hosted in this glamourous venue.

Andaz Hotel is famous for customizing the design and ambiance of their hotels to complement local culture. The same goes for Andaz Singapore.

Similarly, we did our best to elevate the elegant space to complement the couple's personal style.


Designing a Wedding According to Personal Style

Our featured couple wanted a romantic palette with muted pastel details for their wedding. So we proposed a mauve and brown color palette to complement the ballroom’s high ceiling and tan wood panels.


two weddings


We mixed in white and blush tones to complete the overall look to uplift the wedding experience.

White Anthurium in the background gave the soft arrangement some fun structure. 


duo tower


wedding packages


The focal point of the wedding was the main stage, where we framed the custom-made acrylic signs of our couple’s names with beautiful blooms to create a wedding experience like no other!


two weddings


outdoor terrace area


We worked in a gradient, starting with white roses and greens nearest the white acrylic sign and slowly expanding into the full array of colors. 


word andaz which translates


duo tower


This romantic, woodsy vibe was perfect for the Andaz Singapore wedding venue. We wish our couple an incredible journey together in harmony and love.


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